There are 3 versions of this kit available:

  1. UV conformal coating support kit
  2. UV LED conformal coating support kit
  3. Solvent based conformal coating support kit

This Kit Includes:

  • Hard Material Protective Case: Compact design with comfortable shoulder strap. Shadow foam for securing the tools
  • Flow Cup For Quick Measuring The Viscosity Of The Coatings: Suitable for viscosities between 21 and 231 cPs
  • Micrometer And Positector For Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Radiometer: Measures Dose & Irradiance of UV ovens
  • Temperature And Humidity Data Logger
  • Magnifier 9x
  • Dyne Test Pens
  • Wet Gauge for Measuring Wet Thickness of the coating
  • Stainless steel ruler for measuring the height of the through-hole components
  • UV Inspection Flashlight
Conformal Coating Support Kit