HumiSeal TS-300


HumiSeal® TS 300 is a non-flammable, high temperature, temporary mask designed for use on printed circuit boards that require masking during the conformal coating process. HumiSeal® TS 300 effectively covers and protects parts and connections where coating is not desired, and can then be peeled away easily. HumiSeal® TS 300 contains no ammonia and will not inhibit thermal cure of silicone conformal coatings. HumiSeal® TS 300 can withstand limited exposure to temperatures as high as 260°C.  

  • Applies easily by applicator bottle, dispensing machines or brushing
  • Keeps contact points and connections free of coating
  • Will cure at room temperature in one hour or in 20 to 30 minutes at elevated temperatures
  • Colour changes from pink to translucent red when cured
  • Will not tarnish gold, copper and phosphor bronze
  • Cured material is insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Easily removed by peeling – leaves no residue to interfere with subsequent operations

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